Allie Colleen is an Artist, singer and songwriter who stretches the boundaries of music genres with her music style that defines how life shaped her, alongside the personal lyrics and transparency in both her vocals and performance. She released her well-received debut album, Stones in 2021. A passion for singing and songwriting since a young age has garnered her a reputation of being a notable songwriter with an iconic-sounding voice. An impeccably strong voice with hints of timeless tradition falls between classic country and the emerging country sound. The room never fails to silence as Allie Colleen begins to sing about the layers of love and heartbreak that have shaped her. Some of her newest songs bring witty lyrics and a connection to the song, unlike most today. Allie Colleen is no stranger to the music industry and is a Belmont University graduate from Owasso, Oklahoma with a style that is truly her own. One of her original songs, “Close Enough,” gained nearly more than 715k views on YouTube while attending college and her social media following has continued to increase every year. Her passionate drive and innovative vision set her apart from her peers resulting in her music and videos going viral on the internet, even capturing the attention of media attention and proving that her audience is captive and waiting for her next song. Persistently working to hone her skills alongside industry professionals and performing at venues both around Nashville and touring on the road to national and international venues garners Allie Colleen a growing fan base. Her debut album Stones was released Nov 26, 2021, with a digital release celebration and a Freak Show take-over at The Local in Nashville. The performance live stream of the show had over 21K viewers on release day, the album and 97.3K combined streams on Spotify. With more than 351,000 followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tik Tok combined, she is one of the most powerful and popular female independent label acts on a trajectory to stardom. 

Allie Colleen