For Ethan Thompson, it’s been a journey through his musical career to find his authentic self. As with many artists, years of peer-pleasing and internal struggles prevented him from following his own compass. “I just felt like I wanted to keep the world happy, and in doing that, I wasn’t being happy myself.” His experiences and the search for acceptance set the tone that his work was never “the right thing.” And as he continued to grow in this industry, he found himself too often surround by people who didn’t encourage his vision as an artist. “I was letting my peers be the leaders of what I wanted to do in my art instead of being confident in my own vision.”

When he started Alt Bloom in 2019, Ethan reached a turning point: He finally felt ready to listen to his own internal voice. Pursuing his passion however isn’t anything new for Ethan. For the past 7 years, the L.A. based musician has been cutting his teeth in the music industry as a singer-songwriter. Prior to the creation of Alt Bloom, Ethan had a three year journey as the singer and co-writer of the pop trio Ocean Park Standoff where he was able to develop not only as a singer but as a performer, “after touring with so many artists it taught me what being an artist truly is.”

Alt Bloom is where he’s truly felt most at home as an artist. In March 2020, Ethan was readying his debut EP Astronaut Complex and preparing for his first solo tour just as the pandemic swept the globe. He quickly changed course, and returned home to Montana for five months with his gear in tow. There, Ethan dove into the records he loved and contemplated the legacy he wanted to leave behind with his own work. Immersing himself in all sorts of musical genres that resonated, from Tom Petty to Mac Miller, he honed in on the vision he wanted his project to take — marrying a pop/alternative sensibility with hip hop influence.

What he’s crafted is best described as “soul pop” which he visually plants in the outdoors. “The place where I feel the most deeply connected to myself and everything around me, including people, is when I’m with nature.” It’s in nature where he was able to discover a comfort in his own uniqueness — “If you go out and look in the woods, no single thing is exactly the same and that’s what’s so perfect about it.”

Astronaut Complex, which was eventually released in June 2020, is where Ethan finally leaned into embracing his singularity as a singer-songwriter. “The expression of even the artwork — having a helmet with things bursting out of it — was me bursting out of the safety of all the things that I thought I needed to do.” Since the release of his debut EP, everyday is a step closer to feeling confident in his own creative vision. Releases in 2021 continued to grow Alt Bloom’s footprint and gained critical praise from songs such as “High School” produced by the legendary John Hill as well as “Fly Away” produced by Oak Felder.

Moving forward into this next phase of music, Alt Bloom is ready to continue clearly establishing his sound. In the coming months, he’ll be releasing a handful of new singles packaged into EP’s around nature’s 4 seasons. The first being “Return of the Bloom” an ode to Spring and a title that “reminds me to keep following me”. The EP will bundle “Beautiful” which was released top of 2022 with two new singles, “Problems” and the lead single “Jeans and a Tee”. Jeans came together in a unique fashion. It was written in one day but following that went through over 30 different produced versions until the final one just felt right. Ethan always felt strongly about the song and resonated with its lyrics. He describes the song and it’s message by saying “I’ve always loved the meaning of this record, it’s all the simple things that attract you to person”.

Now that Ethan is on the path of understanding himself — in music and in life — there’s no turning back. “As I’ve gone through this existence, I’ve realized that everything has it’s own beauty. Everyone has their unique, distinct thing and doing anything that is other than your own uniqueness is robbing the world of your light”.

Alt Bloom