With her departure from North Carolina to Nashville in 2018, Blood Root’s Taylor Wafford chose to veer left of folk and alt-country and dive into ambient, heavy textures, compared to those of Lucy Dacus and Sharon Van Etten. While maintaining her integrity in folk-style writing and singing, Blood Root’s lyrics and song structure evoke more complex, whimsical feelings by dipping a toe into the realms of jazz and shoegaze. These are homegrown sounds, carefully coalesced from the confines of Wafford’s bedroom, but make no mistake–this is far from your typical lo-fi “bedroom-pop”. Electric guitars, synths, bass, and a mix of acoustic and sampled drums are what make up the current live configuration. Ranging from overdriven angst to dreamy soundscapes of lush delay and reverb, Blood Root’s entrancing sound is skillfully purveyed by a four-piece band. Her most recent release, Crux, has garnered praise from several sets of ears, including Mitch Mosk of Atwood Magazine, who raves, “Crux is unflinchingly direct and overwhelmingly expressive.” Mosk also goes on to say that “Blood Root’s music is tender and immersive; it’s comforting – the kind of music we need now, more than ever”, which accurately sums what you can expect to receive from Blood Root in the years to come. Her debut full-length record, I’m Not Trying to Start A Fire Anymore is expected to be unveiled in early 2021. The full-length record will include the previously released singles “Conversations” and “Teeth”. 

Blood Root