For Born Without Bones, Pictures Of The Sun is both an end and a beginning. The EP marks the culmination of the trio’s tenure as a staunchly DIY band, but, having just signed to Pure Noise Records, also the start of an exciting brand new chapter. Four of its five songs have all been previously released, while one was written years ago but never actually recorded. All offer deep insight into the Milford, MA band’s decade-long career to date, but have been refreshed and re-recorded for this EP. As such, they’re both like an old friend you haven’t seen in years, but also a new one you feel you’ve known your entire life. “Before we even chose the songs for this EP,” explains frontman Scott Ayotte, “the idea was to have a revisionist, retrospective view of our catalog. When you hit a decade  as a band, it’s pretty natural to look back on everything you’ve done. That’s a big timestamp, especially if you’re fully independent, and we wanted to honor that feat. By rerecording some of our older songs, they serve as a good introduction for people new to our band while also paying service to those who are already fans.”The resulting collection serves as a perfect cross-section of Born Without Bones that digs deep into the heart of their emotive rock’n’roll. Not only do the five tracks highlight the band’s incredible versatility, they also chart its development over the years. 

Rooted in the Massachusetts DIY punk scene, Born Without Bones was started by Scott Ayotte as solo outfit in 2010 with their debut release “Say Hello”. Born WithoutBones evolved over the years—thanks to the addition of guitarist Jonathan Brucato and bassist Jim Creighton—into a bona fide emo-inspired rock outfit with their albums “Baby” released in 2013 and “Young At The Bend” released in 2017. Their new EP Pictures of The Sun will be released August 27th via Pure Noise Records.

Born Without Bones