In 2018, while finishing his sophomore year at the University of Miami, Carter Vail released his debut single, “Melatonin.” Though unsigned and unknown, the song was placed on Spotify’s ‘Dreampop’ playlist, quickly gaining a grassroots fan base. After releasing several more singles, culminating in his debut album Red Eyes, Carter solidified his trademark feel good indie-rock anthems, drenched in chorused guitars & distorted synths, placing him sonically between Mac Demarco and The Killers.

In 2020, quarantine brought about a sonic shift for Carter in the form of The Interstellar Tennis Championship. The concept EP blended lo-fi, disco, indie rock and bossa nova to tell the story of a boy traveling to space. Though light hearted on the surface, the EP touched on themes of love, loss and growing up. Carter began making shor tform comedy songs in the Spring of 2021. Originally intended to showcase his production for other artists, these songs have since gained several millions of views on TikTok and Instagram, and have developed a cult following on social media.

Carter writes and records his music at his home studio in Los Angeles, along with his band, consisting of drummer Garrett Fracol, keyboardist Andre Bernier & bassist Reed Gaines.

Carter Vail