Charles Jacques is a recording artist, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Oakland California currently based in Los Angeles. With deep roots in soul, r&b, and indie/folk, his sound is a unique mix of gritty guitars with big hiphop drums, thick vocal choirs and deep 808’s that hit deep to the heart and make your whole body vibrate. Writing songs from real experience, his music is sexy and sensual, expressive and immersive, sometimes deeply vulnerable and sweet, other moments bouncy and ecstatic. Whether it’s songs about love, romance, finding spirituality and confronting mental health challenges, the message and purpose is simple: feel everything.

Charles has also produced for dozens of artists and has hundreds of credits on various streaming services, garnering millions of streams received on his own music and others as a co-credit, including his experimental producer persona JNTHN STEIN. Charles is also a passionate member of the yoga and dance community, and an advocate of creative expression and spirituality for everyone.