The Brazilian Crowd Queen – One of the main stars of Brazilian Carnaval, Claudia Leitte gains growing audiences and incredible performances each year, getting the title of “Queen of Carnaval” by a massive crowd.

Claudia performs every year to more than 2 million people in the public streets on top of a Trio Eléctrico (mobile performance truck / float) in Salvador, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, the largest city in Latin America.

The superstar performed for massive crowds with viewership in the Billions in two of the biggest events in the world: 2 billion viewership in the Miss Universe (2001) and 3.2 billion viewership at the opening of the FIFA World Cup (2014). Claudia is the only Brazilian to have a performance in the Billboard Music Awards (2014), with the song “We Are One.”

With more than 50 million followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tik Tok combined, she is one of the most powerful and popular female acts in Brazil and Latin America, having sold over 10 million records and being the recipient for many awards including a Latin Grammy and three World Music Awards nominations for 2014 alone. Aside from her musical career, since 2012 she also serves as coach and mentor on the Brazilian version of television show The Voice and its kids spinoff.

Claudia Leitte