CRIMSON APPLE is a band of four sisters from Hawaii, based in Los Angeles, California. Their sound, an epic and cinematic dark-pop, is fused with a wide variety of influences including alternative, indie-rock, K-pop, and J-pop.

While many assume that the sisters have been playing music together since birth, Crimson Apple formed the summer of 2012. The girls have always viewed the formation of the band as an act of fate; Each sister picked up their respective instruments and found their love of music at different stages in their lives. One day, they realized that together, they made up the perfect pieces of a whole band.

After performing in numerous venues in their beautiful home of Hawaii, the sisters decided to relocate to Los Angeles in 2015 to further pursue their music careers. Within a year of the move, they became regular performers for Disneyland and shortly after signed recording- and management deals with Amuse Group USA, Inc.

Crimson Apple has since been making music and touring multiple festivals and venues across America, opening for major acts such as The Chainsmokers, The Plain White T’s, and All Time Low. Their passion can be felt in their hard-hitting live performances and their debut EP, “Somebody”, where the band has worked devotedly to create a strong, cohesive image and sound that reflects their bond as sisters.

With the release of “Break Your Heart Worse” on May 22, Crimson Apple uses a dark, twisted love story to introduce the next phase of their evolution as a band.

Crimson Apple