These two gorgeously damaged girlies make up the iconic duo “Daisy Grenade” – a power-punk bubble grunge band that serves a punch with a glitter lip-glossed kiss on the side. It’s the manic pixie dream tumblr girl aesthetic that started out for men but was reclaimed by the girls. It’s an unapologetic Courtney Love on the Barbara Walters Show. You know? It’s girl grunge. But in a total not bummer way. And on top of it all, the ladies come from musical theater backgrounds so they can sing their faces off in a way that is almost disturbing. With Pete Wentz (as in THE emo prince of our generation) as a mentor and EP on their debut EP SOPHOMORE SLUMP, they turned their glittering angst into sickeningly catchy, morbidly worded bubblegrunge bops that are dripping out of a saccharine shell.

Daisy Grenade