Dual Canadian/Australian citizen Elijah Woods has amassed countless accolades and marquee awards, multi-platinum/gold records and JUNO nominations. Creating worldwide buzz with music that vividly distills his talents as a songwriter, musician, producer, and engineer, Woods’ sound is huge, kaleidoscopic, and completely belies its creation in his basement studio.

But what does it sound like? How about “getting drunk at your favourite bar with your best friends and calling your grandma to tell her how much u love her?” Or maybe “understated, wildly accessible, and self-made bedroom pop best imagined in lower case.” Also “relatable music worth sharing.”

Feel free to create your own definition, just approach the music with an open mind and appreciation for an artist keen to scribble outside the lines while helping others, like roster-mate JESSIA, perfectly articulate her own sound. Proof of that arrived decisively in 2021 when JESSIA’s “I’m not Pretty,” produced by Elijah, exploded globally, first becoming a viral hit and eventually landing her a deal with Republic Records. Even in a crowded, caffeinated pop landscape, Elijah Woods is singular, his music and his vision unrivaled.