Atlanta-based Lunar Vacation formed the week that lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter Grace Repasky and guitarist Maggie Geeslin were old enough to drive to each other’s houses. In 2016, Repasky had begun to devote her summer hours to writing songs, which she sent to Geeslin, her classmate. The two decided to form a band that could channel the spirit of their diy-scene garage-rock idols with a chill edge. Soon enough, the girls found some older kids- including current drummer Connor Dowd and former member John Michael Young- to help their songs develop and translate to a live setting. The teens played just about every week in Atlanta for two years, eventually making their way to neighboring states on the weekend. The group decided to add keys as a staple to their sound, recruiting Matteo DeLurgio to elevate the songwriting. Determined to keep the music alive while attending college, Lunar Vacation took classes and toured while they could, taking support tours and selling out headlining shows across the U.S., all with just two self-released EPs under their belt.

The four piece is currently recording their debut LP, set to release in 2020.