Since age 5 when he discovered the music of Michael Jackson it has become Sergio Cortes’ life. From childhood, his resemblance to MJ was noticed by his classmates and at age 16 when a media publication wrote about him a life time dedicated to the performance of the artistry of Michael Jackson was triggered.

The resemblance of Sergio to Michael was so remarkable that the Jackson Family sought him out to work as a body double, eventually leading to their meeting. Sergio continued to put his heart and soul into constantly improving his tribute. To Sergio, performing was an exchange of energy and understanding with fans like him, who deeply appreciated and admired the King of Pop and the significance he held in their lives. When tragedy struck with the death of Michael in 2009 Sergio stopped performing out of mourning and respect. He returned to the stage after the urging of his fans 3 years later, on a mission to honor his music and memory.

Today, after six years of selling out theaters in Latin America and Europe he is bringing his version of Michael’s legacy to the United States. Backed by former members of Jackson’s band including Tommy O on guitar and Michael’s cousin, Keith Jackson on bass, and accompanied by dazzling dancers surrounded by thrilling video and lighting effects, it is the most authentic tribute to Michael Jackson touring today.