Born and raised in both Los Angeles and Malibu, rising singer/songwriter NERIAH never holds back. Having previously grown a large following for her intimate YouTube vlogs, her vulnerable self-expression began at the age of five when she wrote her very first song. The last few years saw her honing her musical talents as she wrote three songs a day in the process of recording her debut EP and an upcoming catalog of originals. Since releasing her debut single in March 2022, NERIAH has been featured on the cover of Spotify’s Fresh Finds Pop, and saw a World First premiere on Zane Lowe’s World Record show for her single “Missing Somebody.” Most recently, she sat with iHeart’s EJ and JOJO Wright, which resulted in her song “Unfinished Business” being played on KIIS-FM as well as other iHeart stations across North America. Following the release of her sophomore EP, “How Do I Get Clean?”, NERIAH shows no signs of slowing down and will be steadily releasing new music over the next few months, including the EP’s follow-up single “SH!TSHOW” on 11/11.