A key player in the new wave of contemporary folk singers, Olive Klug is an independent singer-songwriter with a rare vocal gift. Self-styled after genre icons like Joni Mitchell and Brandi Carlile, Klug is known for their beautiful tone and vividly honest storytelling. Their sound is reminiscent of the golden age of American folk music, but with a uniquely modern lyrical sensibility. Over the course of the next six months, Klug plans to release a series of singles, culminating in a debut full-length project. Klug’s lead single, “Out of Line,” is a full-band folk anthem about rejecting conformity. Lyrics like, “I’ll stop seeking to find, start saying what’s on my mind” chronicle Klug’s own deconstruction of the social norms they were once taught. While the choir singing “isn’t life so fun, ain’t it so great when you’re watching all the rules disintegrate” is a call to action for listeners to question what they’ve been taught. “Out of Line” is now available on all platforms.

Olive Klug