With her 2020 independent EP, The Best Thing, Sacha presents a set of songs that will stoke the fires of hope in the heart of anyone who hears them.

Since the release of The Best Thing in July 2020, the Ontario-based sing-er/songwriter has made a lasting impression north and south of the border with her signature blend of traditional and pop-country. Sacha has been featured as iHeart Radio’s ‘Future Star’, racked up adds on every Pure Country Radio Station in Canada, and on the highly influential, US-based Radio Disney with her latest single, ‘Stand-ards’. Additionally, ‘Standards’ charted both the Top 50 Canadian Country Billboard and Top 40 Mediabase Canadian Country charts and boasts over 400,000 Spotify plays.

Recorded with CCMA Producer of the Year Nominee, Dan Swinimer and featuring songs penned by and in collaboration with songwriters including Tenille Townes, Madeline Merlo, Emma Lee, and Karen Kosowski, The Best Thing is proving to be a well-deserved and hard-earned breakthrough for Sacha. As Swinimer himself puts it: “She’s singer/songwriter as talented she is fearless – with a heart as big as her epic voice.”

Following the premiere of the video for lead single ‘Cheers’ on ET Canada domesti-cally, and worldwide on CMT, the EP has amassed over 1 Million streams across all platforms, led to Sacha being named one of CMT’s ‘Next Women of Country’ for 2021, and has been featured in major television, print and online music press outlets such as Music Row Magazine, American Songwriter, Rolling Stone Country, Billboard, and The Boot.

Both ‘Cheers’ and ‘Standards’ are songs that seem custom made for our times, im-parting the message that no matter what challenges life tosses your way, embracing the everyday joys of living is the surest way to overcome them. That message is rooted as much in Sacha’s unfailingly positive outlook as it is in her experiences growing up in the tiny village of Warkworth, Ontario. With the rolling, rural hills of Ontario as a backdrop, and a family of musicians who ensured that music was a part of everyday life during home rehearsals, backyard bonfire parties, and gigs at the lo-cal Legion Hall, Sacha says: “Music contributed to my life in so many ways, it’s no wonder I chose it as a career.”

As idyllic as that sounds, there were hard times, she continues: “Without getting into it too deeply, in my late teens I had to leave school and start working full-time be-cause my sister and I had to fend for ourselves for a while. I could have had a less positive outlook based on some of my circumstances, but I always want to be the person who says that even if you have it rough, it won’t always be that way. Things can turn out really good for you.”

Every song on The Best Thing speaks to that in one way or another, telegraphing Sacha’s firm belief that following your heart – even when others don’t believe it will lead anywhere good – might just be the ticket to living your dreams.