“There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Sacha. There’s just something about this talented young artist that makes you stop and listen. She has an incredible amount of energy and explodes the minute she hits the stage.” Sound Check Entertainment

This is the reaction and response after every performance from this Canadian country artist. Sacha has caught the attention of industry representatives, including Agent Stefanie Purificati of APA-Agency where it was only a matter of time thereafter where Sacha would be welcomed on to the A-list Roster.

Sacha grew up in the small town of Warkworth Ontario, where she got a taste of country music and country living. Since being announced Winner of The Next Country Music Star 2016, Sacha has become one of the new faces with a fresh sound to emerge on the Canadian country music scene, landing opportunities to play on Canada’s biggest stages among top Canadian and American artists.

In 2018, Sacha turned up the heat and kept the “Good Times Going” with the release of her latest single by the same name to country radio nationwide. Good Times Going was released just in time for her performance at Boots and Hearts Music Festival and the Canadian National Exhibition.

Most recently, Sacha has finished work in the studio with Dan Swinimer and is preparing for the release of her debut EP, a collaborative effort from some of the most established writers in Canada and the U.S.

In the off-season Sacha spends her time continuing to establish her philanthropic endeavours which began in 2012 with her School Tour. Sacha continues to tour schools conveying her anti-bullying, and motivational messages through music and by sharing her personal stories, empowering the youth of today’s generation.

“I’m a small-town girl, and music has simply been a way of my life from a very young age. The stage is my home, and the audience like family.” -Sacha