The “Fight Club” of the art scene, inspired by Marvel comics and graffiti.

Aspiring artists of all styles and backgrounds contend on the global platform. They’re armed solely with black markers or acrylic paint, with the challenge of filling a large canvas.

Major cities host the increasingly popular tournaments, including London, Berlin, New York, Tokyo and Sydney, spreading more than three hundred Secret Walls artists over 25 countries.

Two key formulas have ensured the world-spreading popularity of Secret Walls. First, its inherent simplicity: two artists or teams have 90 minutes to coat their white walls of up to 25ft high in black markered or painted images, while the crowd cheers in decibels for their vote. Alongside them, two neutral guest judges help choose the winner that proceeds on to the next round. Second, the entertainment value of the event is what turns the crowd into a fan base.

Secret Walls