Way more than a singer and songwriter, Shaylen might just be your shoulder to cry on, partner-in-crime, and the keeper of your most intimate truths. Spilling her secrets first, she doesn’t just welcome this sort of vulnerability as she does command it. She’ll open up about days on the floor in tears, share the mantras she spoke to the mirror on Instagram, and laugh about going home alone despite eyeing a dude across the bar like,“You gonna make a move or what?” Listening to her is like sharing an Uber with a brand new best friend. It doesn’t matter where you’re headed; you just hope the ride doesn’t end, because the conversation is so interesting.

As a result, she racked up over 12 million streams in twelve months across her debut EP Highs & Lows, singles such as “Sprite,” and collaborations like “Come Back To Me” with Chantel Jeffries as she twisted up pop, R&B, and alternative on her own terms. Not to mention, she garnered acclaim courtesy of Billboard, Just Jared, Hollywood Life, Popdust, and Idolator who predicted “[she’s] on the brink of a major breakthrough.”

However, she embraces listeners even tighter on her 2020 Temporary Feelings EP [Republic Records] led by the singles “Forgive Myself” and “Roll The Dice.”