The Proud Sons are just trying to do justice to their name. The Winnipeg, Manitoba rock ‘n’ roll five-piece named themselves after a vow to do their members’ late fathers proud, and their era-spanning music is providing much proof they’re succeeding. The band’s signature four-part harmonies wouldn’t be out of place in Laurel Canyon in the ’60s, their ’70s southern rock vibe brings the party, and the I-did-my-baby-wrong/my-baby-done-me-wrong narratives of their songs hearken back to the themes that have been the foundation for so much R&B and country & western music. It’s classic rock ‘n’ roll made contemporary. And the songs on the band’s self-titled four-song debut EP could fit just as comfortably on a playlist with Chris Stapleton, The Wild Feathers, and Blackberry Smoke as they would with The Eagles, Black Crowes, and The Rolling Stones. “Rock ‘n’ roll music should be fun,” says Proud Sons lead singer Ryan McConnell. “Expect good music and a good time.”