Whatever Mike’s upcoming project, word to the trees, is a celebration of being and a meditation on oneness. The project is a wake up call to live now. To be whatever we are – all the things we are – and we are everything – now. word to the trees laments humanity’s devastation of the planet, while holding space for the possibility of new beauty and healing. “Don’t fuck with my hope.” With sonic and lyrical textures reminiscent of Frank Ocean, Francis and the Lights, and Sam Smith, word to the trees blends pop musicality and soulful vocals with queer spirituality and vulnerability.

Whatever Mike was previously signed to S-Curve/BMG Records as Michael Blume. Their debut single, “Manufactured Love” rose to #6 on the Spotify Viral chart and between 2015-2020 they gained 20M+ streams, toured nationally, and released several projects on the label. Mike spent the pandemic writing word to the trees in the Yucca Valley desert. During this time, they became a dedicated meditator and had a series of spiritual awakenings that led them to come out as a trans person and write word to the trees. This is their first release as an independent artist.

whatever mike